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Wall Painting

Complete Painting & Decorating are known for their inside workmanship.
Keeping the inside of a beautiful rustic home, a contemporary home, an apartment or a simply a makeover is absolutely key in our quality of painting to ensure that your home is fresh whilst keeping its charm.

There are so many key factors involved in beautifying your walls, ceilings and doors and Complete Painting & Decorating will re assure you of each step as we assist you in the journey.
Our Team take into consideration the age, quality of the structure to ensure that the end result is only high quality.

We are Qualified & Professional

Our Testimonials

I would absolutely recommend Mark and his team – They did an excellent job and was very prompt and thorough. The care and time he took to ensure the quality of the job was very much appreciated. I will use him again.


Samuel Johnson

Managing Director

Micheal and his team was absolutely fabulous. On time, very professional and friendly. His work ethic was very commendable and I was extremely satisfied with the finished job. My home looks fabulous, so happy with the finished job. Would highly recommend Complete Painting & Decorating to anyone who wants an excellent paint job and the cost was good value for money.


Henry King


Mark and his team did a great job and our house looks lovely. Amazing experience with Complete Painting & Decorating they were Professional and friendly. A pleasure to deal with! Thanks Mark! We would definitely recommend.


Layla Irwin

Managing Director